Influencer Engagement Agency

Influencer engagement has become a vital component of a media placement strategy, as it offers unique opportunities to connect with audiences in a more authentic and relatable manner.

All-Female Media Agency

Compelling and well-executed creative assets capture attention, evoke emotions, and effectively communicate the brand’s values, benefits, and offerings.

Strong execution, especially from a woman-owned creative agency, can differentiate a brand from competitors, leave a lasting impression, and drive desired actions from the audience.

It is the creative execution that brings the marketing strategy to life and enables the brand to connect with consumers on a deeper level, ultimately contributing to the success of the overall media campaign.

Venus Media is an amazing partner!

“They are a creative, solution-oriented group that acts as an extension of your own team, and they go above and beyond to achieve impressive results.”

– Erin Fabio, Founder, Grit Studio

The team at Venus Media is passionate about what they do.

“As partners, they challenge the status quo and help us think strategically about how to make an impact. They do this with insights about engaging new audiences in creative ways.”

– Ryan Younger, VP of Marketing, Virtua Health

Women are the most significant consumers.

“So, it would stand to reason that the more women we have in positions to help us shape and influence marketing messages and the platforms they are consumed on the more relevant we could be as an organization. We are proud to have been Venus Media Group’s first client, but more inspired that we are now among many clients who appreciate the value of true partners experts who can help shepherd and grow our brand with a particular eye on reaching and touching women.”

– Chrisie Scott, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Virtua Health

Their invaluable support has played a pivotal role in revitalizing our captivating brand marketing strategy.

"We have partnered with Venus Media to help bring strategic media solutions to reach new audiences for Gloria Vanderbilt.

They specialize in procuring and strategizing media that effectively engages with diverse women of all body types. Their invaluable support has played a pivotal role in revitalizing our captivating brand marketing strategy."

- Kirsten Lee, CMO of One Jeanswear Group

The media landscape is ever-changing in New York City.

“Venus did a great job balancing reliable traditional channels with creative new opportunities. For digital placements, they were nimble and responsive in using the data to uncover issues, brainstorm solutions, and quickly pivot targeting strategies to improve engagement and delivery, particularly for our multilingual videos.”

- Charlotte Levitt, Director of Marketing & Digital Communications, NYC Campaign Finance Board

Venus Media is an innovative media leader.

“They continually seeks fresh pathways to consumer engagement. We’ve been honored to partner with them on Community Powered Marketing efforts to empower brands to reclaim ownership of their consumer relationships with Women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.”

- Sue Frech, Chief Revenue Officer, TINT

Venus Media Group understands the digital landscape.

"They are smart, innovative, experienced, and offer a higher level of target insights that result in more efficient conversions and higher engagement."

- Richard Clarke, Co-Founder, Fifteen Degrees

You always feel like you are #1 to them.

"We have had the pleasure of partnering with Venus over the last few years on different key projects for our brand. Cathy and Sylvia bring a depth of expertise, passion for the brands they represent and go above and beyond their scope to support their clients needs. They take each project from ideation to execution as if they are part of your internal team. Most agencies do not treat their clients like Venus does."

- Denielle Finkelstein, Co-founder, The Organic Project

VM has been an incredible extension to our team.

"Combined with an incredible culture that aligns with HeyMama’s values VMG’s passion, responsiveness, and savviness enables us to make data-driven and strategic decisions with our media in a unique way. It is incredible to work with an agency that not only gets us as a brand but feels so invested in our success. The amount of data that they have been able to show is 10x what we were getting before and is allowing us to make data-driven growth decisions for the brand. We are so grateful for our partnership with the entire team at VM."

- Erika Feldhus, CEO, HeyMama