Olika Case Study

The Challenge

OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer was ready to introduce the OLIKA wellness experience to a much larger and diverse consumer. How do you do that? You partner with one of the world’s leading retailers! In February 2022, OLIKA started their journey into 4600 retail stores across the US with their flagship product, the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On, and the Olika Ultra-Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Refills. With a massive footprint and limited budget, we were tasked with maximizing their dollars to increase brand awareness and drive sales in store and online.

The Solution

Focused on a full-funnel, omni-channel approach, we ran a robust campaign across search, social, display, advanced TV, online video, digital out of home, and streaming audio targeting 15 top markets based on highest inventory and number of retail stores. To get even closer to the loyal retail customer, we were able to leverage this retailer’s extensive first party data to target OLIKA’s ideal consumer on and off-site.

The Results

In the first half of the year, over 85 million impressions were delivered across all channels. The targeted Top 15 markets’ sell-through percentage outpaced the non-targeted markets. User traffic to Olika’s retail landing page increased 22% QoQ. Drove OLIKA to a top 5 brand at the largest retailer in the world


impressions were delivered across all channels, in the first half of the year


increased QoQ traffic to Olika’s retail landing page 

Top 5

brand at the largest retailer in the world

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